23 noviembre 2011

Commentary on Russia and NATO missile defence

I have commented on President Medvedev's recent remarks with regard to the NATO missile defence for The Voice of Russia (Radio Golos Rossii). 

02 noviembre 2011

01 noviembre 2011

Seminar on Russia-NATO Relations

On 7 November I will give a seminar on Russia-NATO Relations at St Antony's College.

It will be part of the Russian and Eurasian Studies Centre lunchtime seminar series.

25 octubre 2011

Article on Putin's (likely) Return

I have published an article about relations between Russia and the West after Putin's expected return to the Kremlin in 2012. It has appeared in the Elcano Royal Institute's ARI series.

24 octubre 2011

Seminar on Russia and European Security

I have participated in a panel discussion on 'Russia and European Security' that took place in Zaragoza (Spain) on 24 October, organised by Dr Stelios Stavridis.

The other speakers were the Russian ambassador to Spain; the regional minister for Education; Dr Emmanuel Karagiannis from the University of Macedonia, Greece; Dr Natividad Fernández from Zaragoza University/MGIMO Moscow; and the director of the Spanish Army Academy, General Francisco Gan.

14 septiembre 2011

Panel at IPSA Madrid 2012

With two colleagues from Complutense University, Irene Fernández and Manuel Iglesias, I am organising a panel for the next IPSA World Congress of Political Science (Madrid, 8-12 July 2012).

The topic is 'Non-Governmental Actors and Foreign Policy Analysis'. The call for papers is open until 17 October.

07 septiembre 2011

AECPA Conference

I was the convenor (with Irene Fernández, Complutense University) of the panel on Foreign Policy Analysis at the 10th Conference of the Spanish Political Science Association (AECPA).

It was held at the University of Murcia (7-9 September).

03 junio 2011

Lecture on Russian politics and foreign policy

On 3 June I gave a public lecture on Russia's political situation and relations with the West.

It took place at the Asturian Press Club in Oviedo, Spain, organised by the public association Tribuna Ciudadana.

23 mayo 2011

Conference on Spain-Russia relations

I took part in a conference on Spain's foreign and security policy organised by the UNISCI research group at Complutense University of Madrid (23-24 May).

My presentation dealt with Spanish foreign policy towards Russia; a summary can be found here.

18 mayo 2011

Paper on US/Russian Security Strategies

I presented a paper with Manuel Iglesias (Complutense University) at the 3rd Security Studies Conference (Madrid, 17-19 May).

It was organised by the General Gutiérrez Mellado Institute (IUGM). We compared the latest US and Russian National Security Strategies in our presentation.

24 marzo 2011

Seminar at IBEI

I have given a Research Seminar on 'Ideational Threats in Russian Security Policy' at IBEI, where I have presented a summary of my current research project (see information here).

15 marzo 2011

Visit to IBEI

From 15 March to 14 April, I am a visiting postdoctoral fellow at the Barcelona Institute for International Studies (IBEI).

IBEI is a graduate teaching and research centre promoted by CIDOB (one of the foremost international affairs think tanks in Spain) and the five public universities in the Barcelona metropolitan area.

03 marzo 2011


IDEAS, the centre on International Affairs, Diplomacy and Strategy at the London School of Economics and Political Science, has relaunched its blog.

I have joined the editorial team as editor of the Russia section, which will cover current international affairs related to Russia and Eurasia more broadly.