13 diciembre 2010

Article on NATO and Russia

After the controversy caused by some of the U.S. diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks, I have written an article for the Spanish newspaper Público about NATO-Russia relations.

03 diciembre 2010

Article on the Spanish-Russian Year

2011 has been designated the 'Year of Spain' in Russia and the 'Year of Russia' in Spain by presidents Zapatero and Medvedev.

In this article, published by the Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies of the Ministry of Defence, I analyse the opportunities for bilateral cooperation in the context of the 'reset' of US/EU/NATO relations with Moscow.

12 noviembre 2010

Commentary on EU, Russia and Ukraine

I have made a brief commentary about the EU and Russia's position with regard to Ukraine for Radio Exterior, the RNE (Spanish National Radio) international service.

05 noviembre 2010

Security and Defence Conference, Granada

I have participated in the 4th International Conference on Security and Defence (3-5 November), organised by the Centre for Security Analysis (CEAS) at the University of Granada and the Army Training and Doctrine Command (MADOC).

My paper was included in the panel on 'Power and Instability in the Eurasian Space', coordinated by Rubén Ruiz and Antonio Moneo from the Eurasianet.es network.

30 septiembre 2010


I have started a two-year visiting position at St Antony's College, University of Oxford, as a Senior Associate Member.

My research during this period is funded by a postdoctoral mobility grant from the Spanish Ministry of Education.

11 septiembre 2010

Pan-European IR Conference, Stockholm

I have presented a paper on Russo-Ukrainian identities and security relations at the 7th Pan-European International Relations Conference, Stockholm, 9-11 September.

It has been organised by the Standing Group on International Relations of the ECPR and the Swedish Institute of International Affairs.

18 junio 2010

Spanish-Russian Symposium

The 8th Spanish-Russian Symposium was held in Toledo on 17-18 June. This year's topic was 'Alliance of Civilizations: Russia and Spain and their neighbourhood challenges'.

My paper (on the mutual construction of Russian/Ukrainian identities during the Yushchenko presidency) is included in the conference proceedings, published by the University of Valencia.

17 junio 2010

Article on Ukrainian intelligence

I have published an article on the intelligence community in Ukraine in Inteligencia y Seguridad, No. 8.

This is an academic journal jointly edited by King Juan Carlos and Carlos III universities in Madrid, and published by Plaza y Valdés.

31 mayo 2010

Blog on EU-Russia Summit

My views on the EU-Russia Summit in Rostov-na-Donu have appeared in Presidencia en la sombra (Shadow Presidency).

This is a blog on the Spanish EU Presidency jointly published by ECFR, FRIDE, and the Spanish edition of Foreign Policy.

30 mayo 2010

Book chapter on Russia's Information Security Doctrine

I wrote a paper on Russia's information security doctrine for the 2nd Conference on Security, Defence and the Internet, organized by the Defence Studies Seminar at the University of Santiago de Compostela.

It has just been published in the book Internet: un nuevo horizonte para la seguridad y la defensa, edited by José Julio Fernández and Daniel Sansó-Rubert (USC, 2010).

26 mayo 2010

Chapter on EU-Russia relations

My recent paper at the UNISCI seminar on the results of the Spanish EU Presidency is included in the proceedings, which have been published as an edited volume in the UNISCI Papers series.

19 mayo 2010

Paper on EU Mission in Georgia

I have presented a paper on the EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia at the II Security Studies Conference, organized by the Gen. Gutiérrez Mellado Institute (IUGM) in Madrid.

15 mayo 2010

Article on NATO and Russia

My article 'The Future of NATO and Russia' (in Spanish) can be read in the latest issue of Revista CIDOB d'Afers Internacionals, No. 89-90.

This is one of the main International Relations journals in Spain, published by the CIDOB foundation in Barcelona.

21 abril 2010

Conference on Russia and the EU

I have participated in a roundtable at the European Studies Forum on 'Russia and the EU, A Strategic Relationship', 27-29 April, Córdoba (Spain).

It was organized by the UNESCO Chair in Conflict Resolution at the University of Córdoba and the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO-University).

26 marzo 2010

US-Russia Nuclear Reductions

I have made a brief commentary about the new US-Russia nuclear arms reductions treaty for Radio France Internationale (in Spanish).

09 marzo 2010

Presentation on European Security

I have given a presentation on "The New Security Scenario in Europe" at the Seminar on Politics, Economy and Society in Today's Europe, organized by Prof. Manuel Hidalgo at Carlos III University in Madrid.

18 febrero 2010

Policy Memo on the Elections in Ukraine

I have published (together with Rubén Ruiz, research fellow at UNED University) a policy memo on "Ukraine after the Election of Yanukovych: Between the EU and Russia", OPEX Memorandum 133/2010, Alternativas Foundation, Madrid (in Spanish).

It has been included in a list of selected publications on EU-Ukraine relations at the CIDOB (Barcelona Centre for International Affairs) website.