25 septiembre 2009

ARI on Russia's National Security Strategy

I have written an article on Russia's new National Security Strategy for the Real Instituto Elcano's ARI papers.

It is available on-line here (in English).

AECPA Conference

I have participated in a panel on "Political Dynamics in the Eurasian Space" at the IX Conference of the Spanish Political Science Association (AECPA) in Málaga.

The panel was organized by Prof. Jesús de Andrés (UNED) and the Eurasianet.es team. The topic of my paper was the influence of Eurasianism in Russian foreign policy.

12 septiembre 2009

AEPDIRI Conference

My paper "Russia-China Relations in the Context of Global Crisis: Whither the Strategic Partnership?" (in Spanish) has been included in the proceedings of the 13th Conference of the Spanish Association of International Law and International Relations Lecturers (AEPDIRI) , published by Iustel.