10 noviembre 2007

Conference 'Energy Security'

I was a participant at the conference "Energy Security: Visions from Asia and Europe" in Jakarta, 8-10 November 2007. The title of my paper was "Russia's Approach to Energy Security: Consequences for the European Union".

This event was the annual conference of the ASEM Education Hub Thematic Network on Human Security, coordinated by UNISCI.

26 septiembre 2007

Book 'Prostranstvo i vremia'

I have published a chapter on "Spanish and Russian Approaches to European Security" in Shestopal, A. V., Okuneva, L. S. and Khenkin, S. M. (eds.) Prostranstvo i vremia v mirovoy politike i mezhdunarodnikh otnosheniyakh, T. 7: Ispaniya i Latinskaya Amerika v mirovoy politike [Space and Time in World Politics and International Relations, Vol. 7: Spain and Latin America in World Politics], Moscow: MGIMO, 2007.

It is an updated version of my paper at the 4th Convention of the Russian International Studies Association (RISA), Moscow (2006).

02 julio 2007

Book 'Las nuevas amenazas a la seguridad internacional'

An updated version of my paper 'La lucha antiterrorista en la política de seguridad de Rusia' (The Fight against Terrorism in Russia's Security Policy) has been published in Las nuevas amenazas a la seguridad internacional (The New Threats to International Security), Segovia: Biblioteca de Ciencia y Artillería. 

It was originally presented at the 2nd National Conference 'Information, Security and Defence' (2006), organized by SEK University and the Artillery Academy of the Spanish Army.

01 junio 2007

MGIMO University

I have spent one month as Visiting Researcher at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations - University (MGIMO).

MGIMO is the university of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and one of the most prestigious academic institutions in Russia.

16 mayo 2007

Article ' The Yeltsin Presidency'

UNISCI Discussion Papers, No. 14 (May 2007) has been published. It includes my article "The Yeltsin Presidency in Retrospect: Myths, Realities, and Lessons to Be Learned", which can be downloaded here.

07 mayo 2007

Book 'De la Europa del Este al Este de Europa'

The book De la Europa del Este al este de Europa (From Eastern Europe to the East of Europe), edited by Prof. Carlos Flores, has been published by Publicacions de la Universitat de Valencia.

It includes an updated version of my paper 'El impacto de la tragedia de Beslán en la política rusa contra el terrorismo' (The Impact of the Beslan Tragedy on Russian Anti-Terrorist Policy), presented at the 4th Spanish Conference on Eastern European Studies (Valencia, 2004).