03 diciembre 2004

PhD Course on Security Theory (Copenhagen)

From 29 November to 3 December 2004, I have attended the PhD Course "Security Theory - Critical Innovations" at the Danish Political Science Research School.

The course has been taught by Professor Ole Wæver, one of the foremost scholars of the Copenhagen School of Security Studies. 

20 octubre 2004

Article on the BTC pipeline & Book review

My article 'Reservas y transporte de petróleo en el mar Caspio: el oleoducto Bakú-Tbilisi-Ceyhan' (Oil Reserves and Transport in the Caspian Sea: The Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline) has appeared in UNISCI Discussion Papers, No. 6 (October 2004).

I have also published a review of the book Putin: Russia's Choice by Prof. Richard Sakwa.

20 mayo 2004

Article on Russia-China relations

My article 'La asociación estratégica ruso-china: desafíos, oportunidades e implicaciones para la seguridad regional' (The Russia-China Strategic Partnership: Challenges, Opportunities and Implications for Regional Security) has appeared in UNISCI Discussion Papers, No. 5 (May 2004).

20 enero 2004

Articles on Putin

My articles 'Who Rules Russia Today? An Analysis of Vladimir Putin and his Political Project' (Part I and Part II)' have been published in UNISCI Discussion Papers, No. 3 (October 2003) & No. 4 (January 2004).